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Michael Barla apprehends himself as a multimedia narrator, in which the convention of all kinds of media – visual, audio, video, digital, analogue, drawings and oral narratives – are equally essential to accentuate his storytelling perspective to pursue the perceptiveness of social interaction. Born in Sweden to Slovak immigrant parents, Michael always had a strong impulse to come back to his origin and has for the past decade lived and worked in Vienna – Austria “the Central European pastry shop on the edge of the Balkans”.
Since the first step on the “continent” 15 years ago, Eastern Europe with its rituals of the “old”, the post-socialism and the transition towards a neo-modern capitalism, has become a major inspiration for his work. From then on, he has been working and living with an intention to openly portray the social, cultural and everyday phenomenon’s in all their complexity that constitute our reality.
A deep interest in communications and the processes behind these has resulted in a BA in Media- and Communications and an MA in Communication for Development. In addition to his studies, Michael has deepened his academic background with work in the communication and development field. Focusing on communications as a core element of human interaction and as a constitutive element for constructing realities – participatory processes combined with ICT’s have become his main interest. Following upon the imperative that; communications is not about technology – it’s about human relationships – Michael has always set the human perspective of communication in the center of his work.
Michael is currently based in Vienna (Austria) and is available for assignments throughout the World.


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