My name is Barla

About the project

My name is Barla – yes that’s my name. Barla is, like many other names, just a name. Except, it is my name! Coming from Sweden, where family research has a great tradition, my curiosity with the help of Google, has motivated me to go out and visit every town, village, settlement or outpost that carries the name Barla – or at least to some of its extent.My identity is, just like many others, an assemblage of constructs – making it possible for me to be a “friendly Swede” just for the next day turn into a “lethargic Greek” or maybe in a year become “some fellow with afghan ancestries”. Identities have nowadays maybe become less important and they are certainly not compelled to a passport. However, the multitude of selections we make everyday in defining, presenting or measuring ourselves, always makes identities into a matter of choice!
Thus, following the imperative that “truth is what you choose to believe in” – my documentation about “Barla”, will build upon the stories, pictures, sounds and impressions of people, using the capacities of all our senses, that are inherent in creating and constituting realities. Therefore, the media used in this blog will freely and accordingly to the concept of Dada, simply follow the principle of “yes, yes” – by approving any kind of media, narrative and form of artifact in order to retell the story of Barla.
Feel free to join me on this journey!

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